July 31, 2009

This & That

FYI: My mourning of Michael Jackson's death has come to an end. Today while Gavin and I were watching part of the 30th Anniversary Special Motown Dance Dance Revolution Tribute of when Michael became a solo artist, Gavin said "This is still on! (thinking it was the funeral/memorial service, it was similar, except Michael was alive at this one!) How long has it been since he died?" When I answered that it had been a over a month, I realized HELLO, IT'S BEEN A MONTH! CHANGE YOUR BLOG MUSIC FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD! While I do love most of Michael Jackson's music and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my recently acquired "Making of THRILLER" movie on VHS (recently acquired from my appropriately named grandma BILLIE JEAN (is not my lover, she's just a girl who claims that I am the one.)) and I do truly believe that We Are The World, We Are The Future, and on a serious note I believe that one of the greatest entertainers IN THE WORLD is gone, it's time to move on. So, now my blog music is changed. But if you ever want to know my favorite Micheal Jackson songs, don't hesitate to ask!

In other news, you may have heard that my brother and his wife were on a little show we like to call WIPEOUT!
Even crazier than just appearing on that great show, is that they WON!!! Woot Woot for Mr. & Mrs. Moose!
It was so much fun to watch and cheer them on. We had a super fun party at my Aunt Mike's house.

To read more about it and see some behind the scenes pictures check out Mr. & Mrs. Moose's blog post HERE!

We really haven't been up to much. Josh is still leading the bike rides like a good ride leader should. The kids and I have found our new favorite place to be: The Highland Splash Park. Not only is it FREE (one of my favorite things!) but it's really fun too. I have no pictures because I'm too worried about what we are going to eat while we're there, not if I've packed the camera. If you ever want to go, give us a call!

On to one of my other favorite things (TV, if you didn't know). If you need something to watch this summer I would highly recommend HGTV'S DESIGN STAR. My sister in law told me about it when the last season was on and I am hooked. It is so great! Sunday nights, set your DVR.

I'll leave you with a cute little video of Molly singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She is quite the singer and dancer lately. She is always singing a little song, it's adorable. She has started to make up her own songs, she'll say "here's how we sing the la la song" and then sing "la la la la la la la la la la".

Only 19 days until school starts. I'm just sayin'.

July 15, 2009

Chill Out

Go here to get a coupon for a $.99 Sonic Chiller. You will recieve it by email and have 10 days to use it once you print if off. Chill out dudes.

July 5, 2009

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!!!

We had a fun 4th this year. I just love it when holidays are on the weekend because I get work off. We did fireworks at our house on Friday night with Melissa's family. We enjoyed our first snowcones of the season, which should explain the mess on Molly's face. The kids did a million sparklers and even experimented with lighting a few of the fireworks.
Saturday we headed up to Park City to hang with my Aunt Sharon and The Quiggles. We did a little swimming, a little fireworking, a bunch of eating and then stepped out the back door of the condo to watch the city fireworks. It was a real fun time!