August 26, 2009

How do I know my Baby loves me?

He brings me home a sack full of these:

CHEETOS Chile Limon flavor.

6 packages all to myself.

Mmmm Mmmmm good.

Thanks babe!

I still have yet to figure out why the packaging is different and mostly en EspaƱol, but some things are better left unknown.

August 22, 2009


Gavin: Mom, do you know what the best thing about having a loose tooth is?
Me: No, what?
Gavin: When you're bored, you can wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

(Someone is very excited to be wiggling his tooth!)

August 20, 2009

Off They Go!

4th and 1st graders this year.
One was super excited. The one that was not, was up
and dressed immediately after being woken up.
The excited one had to be woken up twice.Then would not hold still for the obligatory photo.
And their fuzzy because someone dropped my camera and broke it.

It wasn't these sweet kids. The perpetrator had already left for work.

Happy 1st Day of School!!!

August 15, 2009

Quotes of the Day

Molly: "What the crack?"
Pretty sure she meant what the crap, we say that a lot around here.

After picking up all three of my kids from a sleepover at their grandparents last night, we had this conversation.
Gavin: "Molly had a bath."
Me: Why, was she dirty?"
Owen: "We all had a bath."
Gavin: "Grandpa said our feet were as black as Tony's butt."

Owen: "Ahhhhhh, this is the worst day EVER!"
Said as he found out a certain girl was in his school class AGAIN this year.

Gavin: "Owen, I declare myself the Spice Master. I've eaten the most drops of Chalula in my soup."

August 14, 2009

12 Dam Years

Happy Anniversary Babe! This was the most recent picture of the two of us together.
Josh hates being in pictures + I'm usually taking the pictures = rarely are we in one together.
This is from our recent trip to the Flaming Gorge Dam. Here's to another 12 (or more) dam years! Love you!!!

August 13, 2009

The family that reads together.......

knows the words to the same stories. (Put that in vinyl on your wall!) I am very glad that my children inherited my love of books, even if one of them sometimes complains about actually reading them. The other night, just before bed, Molly brought me a book to read. Since I was "working" on the computer, I asked Gavin to read it to her. They climbed into his bed and eventually Owen joined them. I love these moments when my kids can be this close to each other and no yelling or fighting goes on! It totally makes up for all the other times when I want to beat them soundly and send them to bed.

August 4, 2009

Behold The Mighty Coupon

(I believe deep down in my heart that everyone needs the "groceries on my counter/table, here's how much money I saved today" post. Here is mine!)I have recently begun "couponing". I do not receive 4 or more newspapers, so I'm hardly a pro, nor do I claim to be. But I have found myself getting excited when looking at store ad's and coveting the Albertson's Twice The Value coupons. I have found some fairly good deals, and the amount of food storage we have in the basement is growing. (If you count cereal, fruit snacks and cookies as food storage, which I do!) Albertson's currently has a deal that goes like this: buy $30 worth of participating items and receive a $15 coupon to use on your next visit. That sounded like a good deal to me so off I went today. After 2 trips to Albies, 4 transactions, and 45 coupons, here is what I got:
5 ALL detergent

2 Klondike Bar 6pk.

2 Breyer's ice cream

2 Keebler cookies

2 pasta sides

11 Chex Mix

14 fruit snacks

2 Chex Mix bars

8 boxes of cereal

Total Spent $44.96

Total SAVED $143.45!!!

Coupons are FUN.
(please note that not ALL groceries listed appear in above photo.)

August 2, 2009

The List

Oh the list. I love to make you, but rarely do I really complete you. Not even in a Jerry Maguire kind of way, either. I always have a magnetic list stuck on the fridge, usually from the dollar spot and sporting a theme of the most recent holiday season. The one that is currently on the fridge has the Easter Bunny and some lovely pastel polka dots to accompany him. Maybe I need to write on my list to buy a current list or at least a neutral one. But I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to print off these beauties I found today while clicking around on my friend Adrienne's blog. They are off the site Vale Design.They are functional, funny and really cute too! I can't wait to leave the home when I go to the store.
Here's the links friends:
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