August 15, 2009

Quotes of the Day

Molly: "What the crack?"
Pretty sure she meant what the crap, we say that a lot around here.

After picking up all three of my kids from a sleepover at their grandparents last night, we had this conversation.
Gavin: "Molly had a bath."
Me: Why, was she dirty?"
Owen: "We all had a bath."
Gavin: "Grandpa said our feet were as black as Tony's butt."

Owen: "Ahhhhhh, this is the worst day EVER!"
Said as he found out a certain girl was in his school class AGAIN this year.

Gavin: "Owen, I declare myself the Spice Master. I've eaten the most drops of Chalula in my soup."


Lance N Amy said...

funny quotes from yer chillens! Hope mine are as funny and no not funny looking... : )

Reed and Nat's Family said...

That's pretty funny! Sorry about the girl in his class...

Shane said...

Who's Tony?

Quiggle said...

First I was getting a good chuckle at these quotes. Then I read Shane's comment and now I am really rollin.

Ines said...

Awesome! I always love getting on your blog and being entertained.

Jer said...

I love the one of Owen and a certain girl!! One day he will be so excited to see some "Certain Girl" in his class!