August 4, 2009

Behold The Mighty Coupon

(I believe deep down in my heart that everyone needs the "groceries on my counter/table, here's how much money I saved today" post. Here is mine!)I have recently begun "couponing". I do not receive 4 or more newspapers, so I'm hardly a pro, nor do I claim to be. But I have found myself getting excited when looking at store ad's and coveting the Albertson's Twice The Value coupons. I have found some fairly good deals, and the amount of food storage we have in the basement is growing. (If you count cereal, fruit snacks and cookies as food storage, which I do!) Albertson's currently has a deal that goes like this: buy $30 worth of participating items and receive a $15 coupon to use on your next visit. That sounded like a good deal to me so off I went today. After 2 trips to Albies, 4 transactions, and 45 coupons, here is what I got:
5 ALL detergent

2 Klondike Bar 6pk.

2 Breyer's ice cream

2 Keebler cookies

2 pasta sides

11 Chex Mix

14 fruit snacks

2 Chex Mix bars

8 boxes of cereal

Total Spent $44.96

Total SAVED $143.45!!!

Coupons are FUN.
(please note that not ALL groceries listed appear in above photo.)


Blondie said...

Mmmm. . .Chex mix.

And by the way, cookies are totally food storage items. Here's the way I look at it, if you life is ever so troubled that you need to live off of your food storage, dang it, you're going to need a treat!

kirsti osborne said...

hey kelly! so i'm totally jealous of your skills and that you have room to put all your treats. our studio apt. in long beach does not really facilitate much food storage, but when we have more room, i'm coming to your for tips. thanks for your comment on my finger, it actually doesn't hurt as bad as you would think a broken, torn up finger would. i have pain pills and brian and sally and nan to take care of navy, so life is not too bad! tell your fam hi for me!

Clark Fam said...


I love the "groceries on my counter/table, here's how much money I saved today" post. I have totally done that!

congrats on your great buys. it is always exciting when you save so much compared to what you spend!! I need to get re-excited about coupons..... your post definately helped. But now I am jealous that I didnt do the shopping for myself!!

Ines said...

I bow down to you master coupon user!

Quiggle said...

You know I love this post! And cookies and cereal are a must for food storage. One day when some people realize they stocked up on too many refried beans, you will have some serous trading power!! We had a canner at Super Saturday. Guess what I canned...Cereal, cake mixes, brownie mixes, chocolate chips. The people doing wheat were second guessing themselves. Way to go!

Reed and Nat's Family said...

Congrats - that is pretty cool.

The Ransoms said...

I get 5 Sunday papers and I have this HUGE coupon binder that I tote everywhere!! I love coupons and Albertsons!!