August 2, 2009

The List

Oh the list. I love to make you, but rarely do I really complete you. Not even in a Jerry Maguire kind of way, either. I always have a magnetic list stuck on the fridge, usually from the dollar spot and sporting a theme of the most recent holiday season. The one that is currently on the fridge has the Easter Bunny and some lovely pastel polka dots to accompany him. Maybe I need to write on my list to buy a current list or at least a neutral one. But I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to print off these beauties I found today while clicking around on my friend Adrienne's blog. They are off the site Vale Design.They are functional, funny and really cute too! I can't wait to leave the home when I go to the store.
Here's the links friends:
Freakin' Never Ending To Do List
Dreamy Blog Topics To Post List
The Pain In The Groceries To Buy List


Annette Lyon said...

I have a ridiculous amount of lists. The one that I MUST have is the grocery list, because if someone in the family asks for something and it's not on the list, I WILL forget to buy it. There's no question. It's as if they didn't ask for it if it's not on the list. Sad, really, that I either have such a short attention span or so few brain cells. I'm not sure I want to know which.

But those are darn cute lists (love the one with the blog topics--I can actually see me using that).

Ines said...

I'm a list kinda girl. These are totally awesome. Once I'm off the laptop and on to my regular computer with the printer again, once the virus is gone, then I'll print some out... Boy, that was one long sentence. Are you tired?

Adrienne Engar said...

I feel so lucky to have been named in your blog, now I can be the celebrity I have always known I was.