March 27, 2009

She Shops Smart at Old Navy

(Josh informed me that just changing the colors on my blog did not count as updating, whatever Josh.)

Old Navy is one of my favorite stores and She Shops Smart is one of my new favorite blogs to read (thanks Jammie!). She uses the grocery smarts program to save money at the grocery store. There are constantly new posts about great deals and coupons. Today she posted about a coupon to Old Navy, could it get any better? No it could not. Check out her blog to get your coupon for 30% off your entire purchase!!!! and I'll see ya there!
Hurry, the coupon is only good from 3/27 - 4/02.


Annie said...

Sweet! And just in time too! I really need to get this baby boy some clothes so he won't have to go nude!! Thanks for the tip.

Just a side note, today I saw a car with a sticker that said, FORKS IS FOR LOVERS. Ha!!

Quiggle said...

Thanks! I'll check it out.
You should be receiving your dang snuggie within the next few weeks! :)
Where do I get one of those bumper stickers?