November 2, 2009

Halloween '09

Carving Pumpkins




Molly the Cat
Have I mentioned that Molly the Cat, was the crankiest cat in the history of cranky cats?
I decided she would be a cat when she started meowing. Yes, meowing. She would answer questions with a "meow". Pretty cute, right? Well after the thousandth meow, it's not so cute. But Grandma Billie bought her some cute cat ears, so how could we not dress her up for Halloween as a cat. The first party we went to she screamed when it was time to get dressed, never got her hand made tail pinned on, didn't wear her ears, and never even came close to getting her whiskers painted on. She had also decided she wanted to be a butterfly after she saw Josh's angel wings. (Still waiting for our family picture to get emailed to me. Becky if your reading this, email it to me, THANKS!!!) I did not have high hopes for Halloween night. But Molly the Cat surprised me. She willing got dressed, let me paint her face (which she was super proud of and kept saying "look at the three colors on my face!") and wore her ears and tail with out any fuss. Miracle beyond miracles! The pictures with her mouth skewampus is when she is meowing. It is really hard to get a cranky cat to look AT the camera.

The next morning she did tell me, "thanks for my cat costume, mom" so I guess that totally makes up for all the bad "cat"titude! Ha, I crack myself up!!!


Lance N Amy said...

oh what a cute lil cat! I especially like Gavin's pumpkin...coincidence it had a scar like his or not? Cute cute

sally jo said...

Molly's hair is growing so fast! She is a doll, even if she does meow all night long. And those boys look scary! Was she scared of them? I would've been.