May 3, 2010

Road Trip

1 Fruita Fat Tire Festival
1 puke in the car
2 cool buttons made
3 free bike bells
1 Clunker Crit
1 dinosaur bike rack to climb on
2 double beds
5 trips to the pool
1 scary slip under the water in the hot tub
2 continental breakfasts
1 dinosaur museum
1 puke on the side of the road
4 stops in Arches National Park
1 enormous fit thrown while hiking in Arches
1 giant bus of Chinese tourists
1 picture taken by a family visiting from Holland
2 books read
5 fights over using the iPod touch
1 stop at Ray's Tavern
4 1/2lb. cheeseburgers eaten at Ray's
2 car naps
74 pictures taken
600 miles traveled5 smiling faces (most of the time!)