July 6, 2010

Molly's "Genus Alice" Birthday Party

We just celebrated Molly's 3rd birthday, hard to believe she's growing up so fast! When I asked her what kind of party she wanted it was usually princess. A few weeks before her birthday it changed to "a Genus Alice" party. It took me awhile to figure out what she was talking about, but I finally got it. She had been watching the cartoon Alice in Wonderland movie quite a bit and I remembered the scenes with all the flowers, they want to know what kind of flower she is. Here is a quote from the movie:
The Rose: Just what species or, shall we say, genus are you, my dear?
Alice: Well, I guess you would call me... genus, humanus... Alice.
Daisy: Ever see an alice with a blossom like that?
Orchid: Come to think of it, did you ever see an alice?
Daisy: Yes, and did you notice her petals? What a peculiar color.
Orchid: [sniffing Alice's hair] And no fragrance.
Daisy: [chuckling, as she lifts up one side of Alice's dress] And just look at those stems.
The Rose: [as Alice slaps the Daisy's leaves away] Rather scrawny, I'd say.
Bud: I think she's pretty.
The Rose: Quiet, bud.

So there you have it, she wanted a Genus Alice party! What the heck?!? I decided to get some teapots and tea cups from the D.I., spray paint them, and put ice cream toppings in them. We hadkool-aid bursts with a "drink me" tag and "eat me" sugar cookies. I made a 3 of Hearts cake, Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat cupcakes.

The greatest part is that there is NOTHING Alice in Wonderland available at any party supply store. She asked for Tinkerbell dress-ups, which she got and has worn almost constantly since, and luckily the Disney Store had a set of plastic Alice figurines. If only she had asked for a Tinkerbell party as well, how easy it would have been! It was fun and she loved it, so that makes it worth it, right??


Reed and Nat's Family said...

Wow. You are super duper creative.

Annette Lyon said...

I think you just earned "best mom ever." And if she ever gives you grief as a teenager, you have proof that she owes you. COOL party!

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Wow girl- you did good. Love it.
You are so creative.

Heather J said...

Torie wrote exactly what I was going to.... Seriously what the heck. How is life????? Nice seeing ya.......... Call next time you go the the splash park. We will see if I dare put on a swimming suit that day.

Heather said...

Impressive Kellie! You know me...I am a sucker for a good party. I love it!!

Raquel said...

Wow that party is so stinking cute! What a fun idea! Ava loves Alice in wonderland. It's not her birhtday but I might have to throw a just for fun party so I can make all those fun treats!

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curtis03 Lewis said...

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