December 22, 2008

McCarrel Family Christmas Party

The McCarrel Family Christmas Party is always a fun event that we look forward to. We love to visit with our family, eat and have fun!

As always, a nice visit with the big guy, letting him know how "good" they've been!Molly has been pointing out Santa for weeks and tells us "Ho Ho Ho" all the time. She was a little leery when he walked in last night, but after a few minutes she was waving and saying hi. Then when Santa pulled out a treat with her name on it and asked her to come sit on his lap, she turned into a cat getting pushed into a bucket of water. Clawing, screaming, screeching, anything to get away from him. Luckily I got to sit as the barrier between her and Santa and when he handed over the Dora book, things were okay. She still didn't want to look at him and I don't think she cared when he left.

The grand kids always do the Nativity. It is fun to see them all excited for their parts and get dressed up in crazy costumes. From our family we had:

THE ANGEL OF THE LORD (cutest one yet!)

I like to think that the Angel was screaming out the HALLELUJAH chorus here:

and here: Then she was happy again just in time for presents, truly a miracle!


vimahi said...

I love reading all the updates on your family. Keep them coming

Anna D. said...

how cute is that little one? She is one cute angel!

Heather J said...

She's the cutest angel I have ever seen. We know that song at my house too.

Christian and Michelle Smith said...

Well Merry Christmas special friend!!! I got you and your husband some Viagra samples for Christmas from the Office... that is what you asked Santa for right? Hope so. Although I don't recommend that you take them, just him. Miss you!

Ines said...

Thanks to that last comment I have something to tease your husband about... He just doesn't look like he'd have a problem.
Merry Christmas!

JoshuaMcC said...

This is why I have to check the comments on this damn thing, All you hens, talking dirty.