December 9, 2008

My son, the walking infomercial.

"You know how when you need to answer the phone but you don't want to get your hands out of the blanket. Now there's a new thing that's a blanket with sleeves." This was repeated to me word for word by Gavin, not 10 seconds ago. I thought he had come in to tell me something very serious, and it appears that he had. When I realized what he was talking about I started to laugh, this caused him to stop talking immediately and he would not be persuaded to tell me any more about the fantastic Snuggie. Not to be out done, Owen, who realized what we were talking about, spouted off with "Stupid snuggie, you buy one with a book light and you get a second one free." I believe I have just found the perfect gift for the Ride Leader and I from the kids! Merry Snuggie Christmas.


Kenzie said...

Me and Aaron were laughing so hard at this commercial the other night. Both of us are laughing really hard again. Who thinks of these things?

Jeanne said...

Oh my gosh Kellie! I was not kidding when I talked to you yesterday and said we are on the same wave length. I saw this commercial the other day and thought I have to have one of those. IT is so funny evertime I get on your blog.