February 12, 2009

6 Things Tag

I was tagged by my most fabulous friend Adrienne, (whom I want to come visit me the next time she is in Utah, I don't care how short the trip is or any of her other excuses!), so I am completing this tag and saying nice things about her. Adrienne is nice.

Write down six things that make you happy.
Tag six others and let them know you did it.
Tell the person when your entry is complete.

1. Rainy or cloudy days. I love the shade and darkness when the sun goes behind the clouds. I could totally live in Seattle and not be depressed.
2. Reading a book.
3. My kids playing nicely. In the same room. With each other.
4. Molly saying funny things in her gruff smoker voice.
5. No dishes in the sink.
6. Hanging out on the computer while listening to music and surfing the interweb.

I did not put my family on the list because they are not "things". Love you family!

I tag Anne, Alice, Kenzie, Hillary, Janet, and Michelle!

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Kenzie said...

I will get right on that.