February 15, 2009

February 14th

My mom & dad take us out for breakfast on the Saturday closest to Valentines Day, this year Valentines just happened to be on Saturday. It is so nice not to have to cook and it's great to hang out with the family, whom we love dearly!

That afternoon Josh, Owen & I went to see The Dark Knight in IMAX. It was AWESOME! I wish we would have seen it that way when it first came out. Oh well, from now on we are saving all our pennies to see every movie we can in IMAX. Just think about Twilight in IMAX, wouldn't that be the greatest!?! I girl can dream!

Hope you had a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY filled with people and things you LOVE!


Ines said...

Josh looks esp. excited about Valentines' Day.

Christian and Michelle Smith said...

Okay, I have a predicament. I just posted a totally egotistical post that was all about me. Now you have tagged me and I feel morally obligated to do your tag, but it would be even more egotistical of me to do 2 right in a row!!! Now what do you think?

Kenzie said...

I didn't think you guys would ever go back to Wingers after your last experience there.