April 9, 2009

"Quote" of the day

Today we were at the mall and as we walked past Claire's, I decided to quickly look in and see if they had a necklace to go with a new outfit I bought. We had not taken more than three steps inside the bright pink with every other color of the rainbow store, when Gavin said "This doesn't feel right to me." His dad is so proud.

(We were at said mall looking for Easter Sunday clothes. If you yourself are still looking for cute church clothes, go to The Children's Place. Sunday clothing items (and other select styles) are on clearance and you get another 30% off on top of that!) We picked up this, this, and this.


Blondie said...

You are a brave woman to take your childen to the mall!
I didn't let my kids have any input on the Easter outfits this year. The boys generally don't care but if I take "the queen" she always wants me to buy dresses that are too expensive or inappropriate. If I just bring her home something new as a surprise she is always pleased.

Ines said...

Gavin is hilarious. He was quite the entertainer in primary on Sunday. He seems to be a miniature Josh. Your outfit looked really cute by the way. And I loved not only your necklace, but esp. your talk!