April 20, 2009

Spring Break Recap

I know, you've been DYING to know what we did for Spring Break. Rest assured it was super fun and exciting. Here is a detailed day-to-day account of all the fun and excitement.


We had never been to the BIG gardens before, so this was exciting. It was great to just let the kids run around since it wasn't crowded at all. Not all the flowers were in bloom, but it was still beautiful. Plus, we were accompanied by some FUN people!


I like to call Tuesday the start of the bad weather, because it not only started bad, but it got worse from there. The kids played with cousins and I was left alone with Molly, so I read!


Tax Day! Our taxes were done, so we went bowling with some neighbors. (Super fun neighbors!)I had read on She Shops Smart AND Fun, Frugal and Free (you should add both of these to your Google Reader!) that Maggie Moo's was giving a free scoop of ice cream to each customer on Tax Day. So guess where we headed after our fun game of bowling? If you said "Home to take a nap.", you're wrong. We went for FREE ice cream.They even gave Molly one, so technically I had a free scoop and a half! YUMMY!


Thursday ROCKED. With our many inches of wet, wet snow, we camped out inside, mourning the loss of one of our tree branches. This picture does not even do justice to the amount of snow we had. I was way to lazy and cold to go out any earlier to get a good picture, I stayed wrapped up in my SNUGGIE!Josh did save the day by coming home with the rest of our band for Guitar Hero and the new Guitar Hero Metallica game.

If you ever need a place to rock, our living room is available.


On Friday we (me & the kids) drove to Coalville where my parents were camping with old people. It was a bit chilly, but that didn't keep the kids from chasing the bunnies and throwing one million rocks into the river. All the pictures are on my dad's camera, so currently I have no proof that it was fun or exciting. But it was.

Hope your Spring Break was just as fun and/or exciting! Let's hear a cheer for back to school Monday!!!


Annette Lyon said...

Great recap--and a fun spring break! Our big highlight was me taking the kids to see the Hannah Montana movie. The girls were thrilled, but Daniel less so. On the up side, afterward he said, "That wasn't as dumb as I expected it to be." So that's something. :D

Ines said...

Owen told me in school about playing guitar hero over spring break. He said that was his favorite! And, if you're ever up for a little competition - Vanessa totally rocks at it! Your living room does look inviting...

Quiggle said...

Next gathering can you bring the band?

sally jo said...

Good for you for not allowing yourself too have a nervous break down while the kids are out of school all week. You're smart. And I'm taking your advice and adding those 2 blogs right now. They're way cool!