July 31, 2008

12 months

Like everything else, I am behind in writing about your monthly going on's. Since you turned a year old I feel like everything has been moving even faster than before. You, my child, are like a fart in a whirlwind. You are so busy. From room to room you roam, crawling, scooting, wait no, back to crawling. You don't hold still for too long. It sometimes takes you an hour to drink your bottle because you have to stop and play so often. You are not walking yet, but you did master the stairs. You had the going up part down quite a while ago, and the getting down not long after that. I completely appreciate your brothers documenting this accomplishment, while I sit chatting on the phone and "working" on the computer.

One of your favorite things to do is crawl away from me after you've had a bath so you can play with your toys while naked, like that is a better way to play with them. This is all fun and games, until I drag you back to your towel, kicking and screaming I might add, to lotion you up and get you dressed.

You still like to read books, and you have to pull each and every one of them off the shelf, along with all your diapers and anything else that isn't nailed down.

You still climb into your dresser cubbie, completely emptying every blanket.

I tell you this so that when you wonder why there are always blankets all over your floor you will know it was your own fault. I pick them up time and time again, just to walk into your room and find them all over the floor, again.

Things you say: dada, mama, baby, hi, yeah yeah (repeatedly), no no, and you try to say Owen it comes out like "ohwa"

Things you do: wave bye-bye, give kisses and hugs, make "woo woo" sounds for the dog, fake laugh at other people and yourself, fake sneeze, lay down and roll all over any pillow, bite your blankets, lift your arms way up when I say "where's the big girl?", shake your head and pointer finger when you hear no

Things you like: being outside, playing downstairs, riding in the stroller and bike trailer, any baby or stuffed animal that you can give hugs to, crawling over and sitting on people, bath time, singing the ABC song and Patty Cake, swinging, being thrown in the air by dad

Things I love about you: when you give kisses you make a "mmmmm" sound, how happy you are in the mornings, when you will sit with me (or anyone) for more than a few minutes, when you play with your brothers, the sound of your laugh, when you want someone you reach out and grab for them, your dimples, when you take a nap!

Birth Stats ******** Current Stats

9 lbs. 3 oz. ******** 20 lbs. 2 oz.

20 inches ******** 30 inches

no teeth ******* 4 teeth, 2 top 2 bottom

cried and ate alot *** cries and eats alot

We all love you so much and can't wait for all the things you will learn and do in the next year!


Dad, Mom, Owen, & Gavin


Heather J said...

She is so stink'in cute. Love the post. You are so good to write things down. Now you need to remember those things about your boys and write them down. Ya right, I can't remember yesterday.

Reed and Nat's Family said...

That is pretty cool that you are doing this. I love the pictures - they are so cute!

Annie said...

Awww! That is too cute! Can I do something like this for Elle? I always feel one step behind you. I promise I'm not trying to be a copy cat, it just so happens my baby is 6 days younger than your baby! So, the 7 months old post and the Happy Birthday post are not because I am a copier. Okay, maybe I do want to be just like you!!