July 19, 2008

Please Me

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but mostly Heather, none of these things are Twilight related. Crazy, I know!

First, we went out last night to celebrate Josh's birthday. Yes it was last week, but he was on call, plus THE DARK KNIGHT didn't come out until this week! In case you were wondering, IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD! We needed to preview it before we decided if our kids would be allowed to see it. Bad news for them, it was a little to scary. Good news for any of you who want to see it, we would totally go again, it was that great!

Second, and just as exciting. We have tickets to Flogging Molly tonight! I know, you are feeling like you are missing out on two fun nights with us. Too bad for you!!

Thirdly, I got this cute shirt at Old Navy for 12 bucks and white (not sure how long they will stay that color) capri's on clearance for $7.00. At that price I figured it didn't matter how long they stayed white. I also picked up clothes for Molly and Gavin at around $2 a piece and a new swimsuit for Owen for $3.00. It is 50% off of clearance price until Monday! I love you Old Navy clearance sale.

And last the best of all the game. I had some alone time Thursday afternoon, Molly took a great nap and the boys were both off playing. I got Molly's 1st birthday party pictures and scrapbooked them.
Oh to be caught up with all the other pictures I have floating around!


Blondie said...

I linked to your blog from Ines's. (I hope that's OK!)
I am so impressed that you were able to scrapbook. I have exactly three pages done for my third child--although I have two complete albums for my first child!
Scrapbooking is a long lost hobby that sometimes I really miss, but I'm so overwhelmed by how behind I am that I just procrastinate further!

Reed and Nat's Family said...

You're scrapbooking is amazing. You should go pro!

Ines said...

I love Old Navy. I was just there myself. Can't wait to see you in your new clothes. Don't you just love a bargain? Great job on the scrap booking pages!

vanessa said...

I got that exact same shirt, but in peach!!! We should so wear them on Sunday, then we would be twins! :D And, don't ever quit scrapbooking! My mom did since we started the blog, and personally, I like scrapbooking better!

Mish and Crish said...

You wanna know what the best part of a vacation is? Coming home and seeing that you have no new messages on your phone. So how could you have been worried about me if you didn't even call to see where I was???
Okay, i actually had my phone with me, but i still had to make my husband call me to make it look like i was receiving calls.
When can we go get snow cones this week? I have a special secret place to take you!