October 10, 2008

Favorite Five: Fall Treats

First I just wanted to thank everyone for all the kind words about my grandma. It was so nice and very much appreciated.
Next I'd like to introduce you to Favorite Five Friday, she's a cousin to Top Five Friday. She's currently calls the beautiful Cache Valley home and I think she might be a republican, but don't give her too bad of a time about that. She's a pretty nice gal, considering who she's married to.

It was a little hard to qualify things as "Top Five", so I thought Favorite Five would bring a wider topic of things. Today's Favorite Five is Fall Treats. It will serve two purposes. I will tell you about my favorite fall treats (duh) and then to get the recipes, you'll have to visit the recipe blog I started. Then you'll have to sign up to contribute to said blog because I know you need something else to do and your hiding all your good recipes from me and that's not nice.

1. Easy Pumpkin Cake

2. Banana Bread

3. Pumpkin Muffins

4. Peach Pie

5. Pretzel Hugs

Please share your favorite's in the comments!


Kenzie said...

Wow, cousin 5 sounds fantastic! (Alrighty, pretty funny.)

1. Pumpkin bars

2. Pot Pie (costco) I know this is not a treat however, it needs to make some kind of top five list!

3. I am really into cupcakes right now, doesn't matter the time of year.

4. Hot chocolate

5. pumpkin pie

Ines said...

My favorites:
1. Hot chocolate
2. Peach crisp with vanilla ice cream
3. Herbal tea
4. Soups of any kind
5. Freshly baked rolls