January 4, 2009

18 months

The age all mormon mothers look forward to, 18 months is a milestone. The Nursery milestone! I have been prepping Molly for the past few days about going to her nursery class. How fun her class will be, play with toys, see friends, snacks, yea nursery. I can't tell if she will go without a look back or scream like she just saw Santa. Lucky for me, this is not my problem. I recently acquired a calling that has left Josh taking our little princess with him for the last two hours of church. Good luck babe!
We are loving Molly right now, she is a funny kid. Sometimes when she does things I can't believe she is only a year and a half. She seems older some days. Not that I want her to be, it goes too fast. Right now her favorite thing in the world is Dora. She watches the show, reads her Dora books and plays with her tub toys. She knows each of the characters names and even says "Awww man" just like Swiper the Fox. Josh has got her saying "Awww nuts" as well, it's pretty funny. She is a jabber jaws and talks all the time.
Funny things she says and does:
Go away.
Stop it.
I know it.
Where's Molly? (with a blanket over her head)
I got you.
Dances like nobody's watching.
Sings Once there was a snowman, ABC's and itsy bitsy spider. (with actions)
Rock a bye's her babies.
Tells her babies "don't cry".
Loves Yo Gabba Gabba, Diego, and Elmo. Knows everyones names.
Points to all our pictures naming each person in them.
Loves to eat "emmies" (M&M's)
Loves to have her hair done and get a pretty put in it. (Josh is better at this than me, no lie)
Recently discovered Princesses, thanks Grandma Harris.

We love you baby!

*Just a note, she did GREAT!!! She's like her mother in that she adjusts well to new situations.


Ines said...

A big cheer for nursery! Josh is probably going to love it, since she's been a little bit more active lately - that is if she stays and doesn't throw a fit. She's such a cutie!

Heather J said...

SO.......how did she do????
I took Hadlee to sunbeams today for the first time. It really kind of made me sad.

Heather J said...
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