January 22, 2009

Who new Barack had a blog?

That's Mr. President to you.
You should check it out.


Kenzie said...

Boy, who knew the president would have time for blogging.
There is also a fantastic new blog that is tracking all 895 promises made by the Comander In Chief.
I knew you would want to check it out.

Annie said...

Okay now I have NO excuse not to blog! If the President has time for it, I should FOR SURE!!

Also, lets hang out next week...Monday maybe? Call me if you want to plan something super duper awesome and fun! You can't say no to that!!

JoshuaMcC said...

1. Close Gitmo....Check
2. Increase Government Transparency.....Check
3. Reaffirm America's compliance and participation in the the Geneva Convention.....Check
His tax break for small business which he proposed before being sworn in was shot down by the senate, so I guess that makes 894.

I guess that leaves 891.