January 12, 2009


putting up new recipes on the recipe blog,
thinking about doing $20 for 20 projects (all you scrapbookers check it out!),
trying not to bust open the first bag of cherry ju-ju hearts I have bought,
and seriously enjoying listening to this.

What you doin'?


Christian and Michelle Smith said...

Um... I think I learned to Download it on my own. I'm not an idiot. Oh wait yes I am, you TOTALLY helped me out. But I did almost call you and then I pulled through. Stay tunned to my blog cause I'm going to show you what I made Jenna! I'll try and post it tonight or tomorrow morning.

Kenzie said...

Not doing much. Before reading your blog I was organizing a YW activity, looking for a new backpack for Belle since she lost hers, thinking about how much laundry I have to do, thinking about cleaning the castle, and not getting anything done.

Jeanne said...

I am thinking of catching up my blog. It was great seeing you at dinner the other night. We should do that again. I have already ate 2 bags of JU Ju hearts.