August 21, 2008

Déjà vu

You can just re-read the post below and substitute the following:

school shopping for baking and decorating a cake for pack meeting

funny shirt for decorating the cake with a skull

the shirt I picked for decorating the cake with Olympic rings made of M&M's

the compromise for..........................

well the compromise didn't work so well this time. I had already bought everything for the Olympic Rings cake while Owen was still at school, hoping he would go along with my idea, since they don't have ready-to-frost frosting in BLACK for his skull idea. When he came home, I pitched my idea. Isn't it great, the Olympics are going on right now, yeah white frosting, even better M&M's. VICTORY!!!!, or so I thought. The only thing he wanted to change, was to make the rings out of FIVE DIFFERENT COLORS OF FROSTING. Sorry charlie, I already bought the pre-colored M&M's (how handy that they are in the colors of the Olympic rings, never mind orange and that you have to pretend that brown is really black) and was not on any terms heading to Wal-mart at 4 in the afternoon to buy more frosting. You know the rest, you never blah blah blah, ever blah blah listen to your kids. I am giving the meanest mom a run for her money this week.

Needless to say, I won. Once it was time to frost he had perked up a bit. And once we were putting the M&M's on the cake, he was all for it. I did have to be a bit of a dictator and make sure we put them on "M" side down. After all, Mars & Co. wasn't shelling out any cash for advertising on our cake.


Annie said...

Wow Kellie, once again I am impressed! Isn't your mom June Cleaver, or Betty Crocker or something? Anyway, the cake is so cute!!

I also love the story of school shopping ( my daughter thinks every item of clothing we buy has to have a horse or a pony on it) I'm glad you made Owen wait to wear his funny shirt on the SECOND day of school...people only notice clothes on the first day anyway, right?

So, I have big plans for me and you (and Molly and Elle) when our kindergarteners start school! By big plans I mean Target, chit chat, making cards, chit chat, making bows, lunch, oh, and chit chat!!

Blondie said...

I too turned into a bit of a dictator when it came to the cub scout cake--so you're totally not alone. I was happy to let my boy try but I just couldn't help myself from "helping" at the end.

PS If you ever really need some black icing I have some of the bakers quality food coloring in black that you could borrow. But you don't have to tell Owen that!

Kenzie said...

What a cute idea! It turned out great. I must say I am glad we still have many-o-years before Reeve is in scouts.
I cliked on your meanest mom link a couple of weeks ago, and I was instantly hooked! She is so funny. I think I will have to put a button on my blog.