August 17, 2008

Last Summer Activity

alternately titled " Why didn't I know about this place at the beginning of summer?"
My cousin Annie invited us to go to the Splash Pad in Herriman on Friday, as a last fun thing to do before school started. And fun it was. Not to mention totally FREE and not one bit crowded. Since it will still be pretty warm for the next few weeks, I would like to think that we will go again, and if we do we'll invite you.
Gavin sporting his new swimsuit. I realized the suit he had been wearing was a size 2T, and we found this one on clearance at Target for $5. It's a size XS and has to be safety pinned.
Owen, Chase & Hunter
Molly was completely happy with the tiny drizzle of water coming out of the rainbow, when the spray started she screamed and cried.


Engars said...

I knew about that place and I don't even live in the state. Catch up!

Clark Fam said...

Kellie - I heard about it and have been trying to arrange a play date with my sisters...hasnt happened yet.

Ines said...

Where on earth is this place exactly? It sounds like fun!

Ines said...

haha this has nothing to do with this post....but MY PLANT GREW!!! and its almost blossoming....i will have to show you soon

Anna D. said...

I'm checking out your blog and Allie is with me. She says "I hate that park!" "Can we never go there again??
" Ha ha ... kids are great!

Annette Lyon said...

This is going into my "next summer we gotta do that" list.