August 29, 2008

Top Five Friday

You've heard of Thankful Thursday, and really nothing could top Thankful Thursday, but I thought I would try to add to it by introducing TOP FIVE FRIDAY. Every Friday will be a different topic with my five favorite things having to do with it. You (yes you) will then leave your five in the comments. Capishe? (Throwin' in a little Uncle Jesse there for ya, how can you resist now???)

Top Five Good Things about the kids being back in school:

1. we are on a schedule
2. early track, we are up and going
3. nine o'clock bedtime
4. running errands with only one child
5. it means fall is on it's way and it won't be so dastardly hot (remember we were just complaining how it was still too cold in June, whatever!)


Heather J said...

Love it, Love it......
I will do the same, so check out mine.....on my blog. I know I am going against the rules, but hey, Im lazy.

Ines said...

1. Going to school myself, and finally getting a paycheck again.
2. The smell of pencils and crayons.
3. The cooler nights.
4. A more structured life.
5. Substituting was really fun today - even if it was 6th grade.

Annie said...

1. Target with only one kid
2. I get ready by 8:00 instead of waiting unti 11:00
3. Makae isn't asking me what we are going to do every 3 minutes...until after she gets out of school.
4. Fall clothes are the cutest!!
5. I know my child is learning everyday and not just sitting in front of the T.V (I never ever do that though).

Blondie said...

1. I get one on one time with my youngest.
2. We have moments of quiet in the middle of the day. (I was beginning to think that wasn't possible)
3. I'm working out again
4. My kids eat regular meals (I admit that sometimes during the summer lunch kind of gets forgotten and we all just snack all day. Not good!)
5. I'm actually getting work done!

Anna D. said...

1. Out to lunch with friends
2. Out to lunch with friends
3. Out to lunch with friends
4. Out to lunch with friends
5. Out to lunch with friends

Do you want to go out to lunch?

Kenzie said...

I will follow the rules this coming Friday. Sounds like a fun one.
And my Thankful Thursday has kinda gone by the wayside. Thanks for the reminder, I will get on that also.
See you at my birthday party on Saturday.