August 19, 2008

Owen's 1st & 2nd days of school

Shopping for school clothes this year took a turn in the wrong direction. While Gavin was just happy to be there, Owen had decided that all he wanted were funny shirts. His version of funny, not mine. Any shirt that said something along the lines of "I don't like homework, my sister's crazy, your crazy, just say no to homework, I'd rather be playing video games, blah blah blah homework, did someone say crazy" while accompanied by some wacky cartoon squirrel, monkey, and/or wild kid, suddenly became his idea of high fashion. There was a huge meltdown between us at Kohl's. Me saying something like "these are the ugliest shirts I have ever seen and I will not be using your father's hard earned money to pay for any one of them." (That could be a direct quote, I don't recall.) And him retaliating back with "you never let us (he throws his brother into this mess) pick anything we want, never ever ever ever ever!" As to not draw anymore attention to us than necessary, I decided to become the adult in the conversation, and withdrew to compromise. If he agreed to a shirt I picked out, he could then pick ONE funny shirt that I approved. He agreed.

So Sunday night as we were driving home he states that he can't wait to wear his funny homework shirt to school the next day. Thankfully Josh was right there to back me up as I broke the news to him that that would not be the shirt he would be wearing for his first day. He could pick any other shirt to wear, but that one. Here is his picture right before he walked out the door Monday morning.

A perfectly nice shirt with skulls on it. His dad told him you can never go wrong with skulls. I told him the impression we wanted to give his new teachers on the first day of school is not one of lost homework and a million excuses of where it possibly could have gone to printed right there on his chest. No, no, we will save that impression for the less important second day of school.

Here's a close-up! Crazy monkey.


Engars said...

Well thanks for ruining my hopes and dreams of having my boy child not care what he wears and not having to fight over the outfit each and every day. I don't think by the time he cares what he wears I will have the energy left to fight with him so he will go to school with whatever stupid T shirt he wants. But thanks again for ruining my day.

Reed and Nat's Family said...

Compromise is the sign of a true adult. Way to go Kellie. I agree that the skulls shirt was a better choice!

Blondie said...

Oh how I hate the wardrobe battles!
Every time I get into a similar confrontation in the department store it generally ends with, "because I'm the mom, that's why!"
Way to compromise!

vanessa said...

Dexter just read this post over my shoulder and said: "Mom, how come you NEVER let me get any shirts like that!" I'm just plain mean, I guess... We've had the same battle over skulls. Man, and I thought that girls were hard to dress.

Ines said...

Oops, didn't realize I was logged in as Vanessa. That was me up there!