May 23, 2009

Dear Josh,

Today I was going to write a great post all about the most fantastic dance festival and field day we have experienced thus far in our grade school lives. Since this was the first year both of your sons were involved, it was guaranteed to be spectacular. It makes my heart break you were not able to participate due to previous obligations (i.e. work), but thanks for bringing home the bacon. However, due to reasons unforeseen (you going to Price to bike ride) by myself (just kidding I totally knew), all I did today was take the kids to Burger King and read a book. There's always next week.
Love, Kellie
P.S. Thanks for your great comments that never fail to prove to me that your interested in what I have to say!


JoshuaMcC said...

Dear Kellie,
What no dance festival photos?!

Reed and Nat's Family said...

I love the dance festival. It is the pinnacle grade school experience. P.S. Are you two going to the class reunion?

Ines said...

Don't forget, you also bought flip-flops at Old Navy! :)
Hope the book was good...