May 15, 2009

My Big Behind

Oh wait, I think I meant "I Am Behind Big Time".
This is going to be a super long post, and I know on some people's blogs that if they do a super long catchy up post, they say "I won't feel bad, you don't have to read the whole thing". Well this is not some people's blog. You do have to read the whole thing (and you will like it), because I will feel bad and there will be a test on it later.
Enjoy the following, in no particular order.

Mother's Day was fantastic! I received many handmade gifts with sweet hand written notes from my wonderful children. I love how excited they get about these presents! They also gave me some flowers that did get planted and look so nice. Josh gave me a wonderful new set of pans! How'd he know that's what I wanted? Maybe because I bought them and set them on the floor on his side of the bed. Maybe. I really needed them I promise. We have had the same pans since we got married and the teflon has almost all come off. I think this is why food slides right out of some of us.
My birthday was the day after Mother's Day (the 11th for those of you who want to write that down, since Mother's Day changes ever year) and I was seriously concerned about what Josh was giving me. All week he was asking me if I wanted to know what it was, but he didn't care if I liked it I was getting it anyway, but it all depended upon someone else supplying him with it first. You would be worried too, right? Well he COMPLETELY surprised me with a QuicKutz Silhouette! I am so excited, but I have to get it out of the box before he gets home today or he has threatened to take it back. I do know that his "supplier" is out of the country for a few days, so good luck!
The entire third grade participated in doing a Time Machine. They chose someone and do a written report and poster and then they dress up as that person and come out of the Time Machine and do an oral presentation. Owen's person was Meriwether Lewis. If you just asked yourself who in the "H" is that, you're not alone. Meriwether Lewis was co-commander on the expedition known as the Corps of Discovery. Still don't know? One half of Lewis and Clark. Remember them? How in the world Owen got stuck with this guy is still a mystery. However, I (I mean he) did a great job on his report and poster, and he did memorize and deliver his presentation out of the time machine with excellence!

On Monday (my birthday) Gavin decided he was ready to take the training wheels off of his bike. Last night he was cruising around the church parking lot. Josh was so proud, if you don't believe me, just check his current facebook status.

Now for the really fun stuff! If you've read this long, you will be rewarded.
Here is a list of my favorite stuff right now and links to some free stuff! Yeah, free stuff!
*FREE chocolate Fridays! Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act. Sign up for a free coupon for any of your favorite Mars candy bar. 1 coupon per email address, 4 coupons per household. Offer available until 9-25-09.
*FREE bag of popcorn! Yahoo! is giving you a chance to cuddle up to your old TV before the digital switch. Offer is on the right hand side at the bottom, it's really small.
*FREE sample of Hawaiian Tropic! from You can receive Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care After Sun Body Butter OR Sheer Touch Lotion SPF15.
These offers were found on She Shops Smart and Thrifty Northwest Mom.
My Favorite new show is Cook Yourself Thin. It is on Lifetime at 3 and 3:30 p.m. They give out the recipes on the website and claim you can loose a dress size in 6 weeks. Obviously I am just enjoying watching it with a nice bag of Cheetos by my side. People in my ward, the brown haired lady is Maryann Jones sister, I swear it. Now you will have to watch just to see!
My Favorite new mascara is Covergirl LashBlast. Try it, you'll like it!
My Favorite band right now is Band of Skulls. This is their MySpace page, you can listen to some songs. My favorite song is not on there, it's called Fires, you'll have to go to iTunes to hear more. Heather, go now to iTunes, or maybe you'll get the CD for you birthday!
Well Molly wants to go outside, so that's all folks! Oh wait, who watched Grey's Anatomy last night? Did you have a box of tissues by you? Holy Cow! I loved it soooo much, but don't want to wait all summer to find out what is going to happen. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Check out Grey Matter, it's the writer's blog. BYE!!!


Engars said...

I read the whole thing, what do I get? I am too lazy to sign up to get free stuff. Good call on the Silhouette Josh! I have one too but of course I don't use it near as much as I thought I would but just knowing it is there makes me happy.

Clark Fam said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have had a great few days. Thanks for the free stuff links!!

Ines said...

I read every word! (Phew!!!)
Congrats on your cool new gifts - you deserve them. Time machine is one of my most favorite activities at Shelley (I usually cry - I don't know what's wrong with me?). And thanks for all those links. I'm going to sign up for all of them.
You're awesome!