May 28, 2009

Dance, Dance, Dance

I personally love the Dance Festival. Sweating your guts out while watching the dancing ability of an entire grade school, what could be more fun?
Gavin's kindergarten class danced to "Ballin' the Jack". He knew the whole dance and sang the song many times at home. When I went to get a picture of him, this is what I got:
First he put his two knees close up tight
Then he swayed 'em to the left and then he swayed 'em to the right
He stepped around the floor kinda nice and light
Then he twist around twist around with all of his might
He put his loving arms straight out in space
All with this grumpy look on his face.

Okay, I added that last line. I could not get this kid to smile, he looked so mad. Kind of reminded me of the birthday breakfast incident.

Owen's class rocked to "Hip to be Square".

Owen is in the bright orange shirt in the middle-ish of the picture.

Field Day is a whole other beast in itself. I just can't wait for next year when Gavin is in First Grade and he doesn't have to attend with a parent!

You can watch the dance festival videos and more on YouTube!


JoshuaMcC said...

Here is a comment about the Dance Festival post.
Your welcome.
Now could you comment on one of my posts? I need some affirmation.

Shane said...

I watched the videos on youtube - hilarious. Did you know there's a band called Dance Gavin Dance?!!

Quiggle said...

I am proof that your kids will remember field day for the rest of their lives!!! Seriously, good mems! I was dissapointed in the hour and a half relay games Belle's school did. I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs "get it together people, where is field day?"