May 23, 2008

Do you love me?

Now that I can dance, watch me now, HEY! Today was The Dance Festival and Field Day at Owen's School. His class danced to Do You Love Me?, made famous by the movie Dirty Dancing. Okay I know it was famous before that, but that's what I remember it from, she's carrying the watermelon, going to the cool people party, gonna dirty dance with Patrick Swayze. Nobody puts Baby in a corner! Back to the subject at hand. I always loved the dance festival when I was young, with one exception, it was always so HOT. Not this year, pretty sure it was going to rain buckets on us. It did not, and once the dancing was over, the sun came out just in time for a nice little picnic. This is the first dance festival Owen has been in, when he went to Pony Express Elementary they didn't do one, lame. I was really excited to go watch him. I just remember how much fun it was (except when you had to dance with a boy, gross!) and how great it was that school would be over soon. Here's some of his dance moves caught on film!

We picnicked at the school with some neighbors who have little girls, and Molly loved all the attention they gave her. They followed her around and then they all started crawling up the grass hill with her, it was so cute.

I think she really enjoyed playing with nice girls instead of crazy, wild boys for a change!


Ines said...

I LOVE dance festival at Shelly. They do such an awesome job. I had to sub in fourth grade that day and had a front line seat. And yes, I do remember the scene from Dirty Dancing very well. I was a teenager when it came out. Only now do I realize how "dirty" it really was.
Hey by the way, we missed Owen at pack meeting.

Kenzie said...

Oh field day, how I loved it!!!

C&HJacobson said...

I did the dance fest. I went to Smelly Shelly my 6th grade year. Me and Gina Francom tried out and got solo parts of the 6th graders dance. "OH YA BABY" We were smoking hot. Then I became the fastest girl in my class. What a great day.

Annette Lyon said...

On our first dance festival, we were moving into our house that very day--the appliances were arriving--so it was all I could do to run over and catch my kids dancing before racing back to the boxes and boxes and two little kids who stayed with Grandma.

And like the really great mom I am, I lost the sunscreen in the move, so my poor little redhead came home from field day lobster-fied. Very different from the overcast, freezing cold festival this year!