May 5, 2008

Movie Clip

Twilight Clip
Twilight Trailer
Seriously, December 12th cannot come soon enough!!!


Annie said...

The count down has begun!! I want in on the Party!!

Molly looks so cute in her 10 month pictures!!!

Come over soon so we can play!

Reed and Nat's Family said...

I am SO excited. That trailer gave me goosebumps.

vimahi said...

invite me too! I've heard all about the books. need to read one

Kenzie said...

Ohhhh, I have tried to get this to download and it hasn't worked so far. Hight speed here in Nibley isn't so speedy. We are just a step above dial up. GRRRRRrrrr @#$ I want to see it right now. My heart starts racing when I think about this darn movie. Torture to wait.

Sybil said...

You write very well.