May 25, 2008

Our Recipe Box

I set up the recipe blog, I just need your email address to add you as a user. Please include your name if it is not obvious, so I know who it's from. You can send it to me at or post it in the comments if you are that brave. Then check out!


haylie said...

you always make us laugh kellie. thosse are all really great names we do love them. i have been updateing my blog for you i love that you check it all the time. we do need to do dinner or something soon before this baby comes. we should get our card group together just for dinner before next time. i like our group it was really fun friday night.

Mish and Crish said...

In answer to your's my crotch...I never thought you would ask such an obvious question. Giminy Christmas. PS add my name under your "Things I like" list. Thanks.-All my love, ME Shell

Kenzie said...

Somehow I totally missed this. I will post soon.
I guess I kinda dererved the comments you left. Truce, I won't rip Justin, you don't rip on...well never mind it's impossible not to rip on GW. After all I did post that clip. And keep in mind I made the comment knowing I wouldn't have to vote for the guy again. And I think I was heavily sedated when I did it. And typed with one hand. How do you like that? It takes forever. Over and out.