May 1, 2008

10 months

Since there was snow on the ground this morning, I thought it appropriate to start off with a picture of you in shorts. Yes the weather has allowed for the wearing of shorts, but apparently it's changed it's mind. Back to undershirts and long sleeves for today. I am amazed at how quickly the months are passing by, as I sit here and try to sum up the last 30 days of your life and try not to cry. It is hard to cry and type, the screen gets all blurry and I cannot remember what I wanted to say to you. I am not crying tears of sadness, but tears of joy at the sweet little baby you are. You have been a little sick this last week and getting in your two bottom teeth (the tiniest little bit is barely poking through your gums) at the same time (I would say they are related). I don't think I can handle a whole mouthful of teeth. You are miserable and only want to be held. I shouldn't complain because I know that soon enough you will want to get down from my lap and run. Speaking of voluntary movement, you have started to crawl. You've finally figured out that the moving of hands and knees together, will get you somewhere. Albeit, not far. You don't like the hardwood floor so when you reach the end of the carpet you usually just sit up. You do have an attraction to the red shelf with all our family pictures on it.
This picture on the ground is of our family before you were born and it has our dog in it, you love to see the dog. When you crawl toward something you shouldn't, we tell you no and you shake your head back and forth as if you know what it means and have heard it before. Oh yeah you probably do since you hear me telling it to your brothers fairly regularly. As in frequently throughout the day. A couple of times in any given hour. You get the idea. I am hoping you loose interest in the shelf before the climbing and pulling yourself up stage begins. It is not secured to the wall so that could be bad.
As all these picture illustrate, I am not equip to be the mother of a girl. No bow or hair accessory to be had. My foo foo girly instinct is buried a little too deep. I am however, wearing a necklace in this one, yea me. I am pretty sure it was for church. I did try one new hairstyle out for you and you looked pretty cute. I bought some little barrettes, with good intentions, but haven't used them yet. The length of your hair (on the top) is what makes me realize how much you have changed since you were born. It has grown quite a bit, but not long enough to require a haircut.

Since I can't figure out how to delete the duplicate picture, it's time to bring this to an end. These pictures are of when you were happier this month. Sitting on the floor putting an entire cookie in your mouth and hacking it up when it got in too far. And eating strawberries while I made jam. Now we are going to the doctor to see if you have an ear infection, or if your sickness is just a "virus" really caused by getting your teeth. I am willing to pay money to probably hear something that I already know. This is how much I love you.


C&HJacobson said...

Time for girl number 2!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure hope you are printing all of this, it's too hilarious! When are you going to write a book?
Love, MOM

Anna D. said...

Cute cute cute! You make me love my children more and more every time I read your blog. Thank you for reminding me of the short time they are little.