April 26, 2008


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You Are Megara!

Charming and witty. You are always the first person to come up with a wisecrack. Sure, you have an attitude, but that's why people love you. You keep them on their toes. Sometimes you can be misleading, but always end up doing the right thing for the people you love.

At first I was like "who the "H" is Megara???" Okay Hercules chick, got it. Very interesting, you should try it!


C&HJacobson said...

Never seen that movie. Is she a babe???? I love that you love your Tivo. I hate the office, Colby loves it, so I DVR it for him. I also love Grey's, I havn't watched it yet, but soon. Have a great week.

Kenzie said...

Funny thing, when I started reading your post I thought..."Who the "H" is Megara . I still am confused.