April 15, 2008

Spring Break: Day Two

wake up
make Josh a lunch
shower before kids wake up
kids wake up
watch cartoons
eat breakfast
finish laundry that I started yesterday
watch first 15 minutes of Good Things Utah to see if the guest host was anyone else I went to high school with
no guest host today
lay Molly down for a nap
clean up kitchen and load dishwasher
look outside and see SNOW
settle in for a Rob & Big marathon on MTV (if you are sick of the weather and need a laugh watch this, his poor mom)
the end.

1 comment:

Quinn and Tami Bell said...

Kelly, I love your schedule! It sounds a lot like mine, only we definately are not waking up to SNOW! And I really want to know who in the world would want to do anything with "Big" if you know what I mean? Pretty gross. Did you see the "Manpon" episode?