April 4, 2008

Photo Friday

As I was in tears not less than 2 hours ago, thinking I had lost all the pictures in My Pictures that I had recently spent hours organizing and looking through and remembering. I decided to post a sampling of the pictures that are currently on my camera since they would be all I was left with.
Owen got his Bobcat award (yes I did just have to go check his scout book to see what it was called) in pack meeting last month. He got to pin me, it was so exciting. If I still thought all my pictures were gone, I wouldn't even complain that this is a blurry picture. Moving on.......
I am sure you have all been dying to know what our mystery flowers would be. Well wonder no more! We have lots of tulips, all the same pale yellow. I am more of a pink or red girl, but what do you do.
This is Owen doing his reading homework while listening to his sansa shaker. I asked him how he could read while listening to music and he said "I don't know ,but I can". Okay then.
Sweet Molly in the tub, 'nuff said.

And last but not least, a picture taken by Gavin of the skater he built while playing Tony Hawk. The lesson here is don't leave your camera out where Gavin can easily get it. I always find weird pictures and then realize I didn't take them, so Gavin probably did.

I did recover all my pictures, don't ask how I am not good with computer jargon. But this taught me a lesson. Now I will spend the rest of my day burning my pictures on to cd's and uploading them to costco.


Engars said...

I have done that before and I think i said the F word about 50 times before I found the pictures. I have never been so panicked in my life. By the way, you are super funny, almost as funny as me.

C&HJacobson said...

Good luck with that buddy. Cute pictures though. Get scrapbooking, you are the queen of it.