April 24, 2008

You heard it here first

To everyone's great excitement (maybe just in my family) Flogging Molly is coming back to the great state of Utah.

Sorry this picture is so smallish, I can't figure out how to make it bigger. Back to the 411, they will be at SaltAir on July 19th. Clear your schedules, we can carpool.

In other news, which you might find more fits your interests, Stephenie Meyer will be on Good Things Utah May 16th.

Yipee!! Anyone interested in watching the show at my house, tickets go on sale tomorrow, they are $50 + 6.50 handling fee. This price includes a snack and juice box. Hurry tickets are limited.


Reed and Nat's Family said...

How do I get these tickets of which you write? Also sorry about the "tub" incident, I have suffered through many of those. Also again, can I just link you directly so I don't have to go through Heather's?

Reed and Nat's Family said...

Replying to your comment on our blog, Reed and KC were mission buddies. We used to hang out with them quite a bit before kids, busy life, etc. It is a small world! How do you know them?

Kenzie said...

Do you have any lower bowl seating left? I'll take one of those please. And yes I do wish you were my visiting teacher. I like jam and you. I do believe I am on my last jar of jam. Sharon made it.

Kenzie said...

Yes I LOVE the Twilight series! I read all three in about 10 days, and that's not like me. I usually can't get through one page with the little Quigglets running around. So I stayed up all hours of the night reading. I usually don't give up sleep for anything! when the movie comes out let's get ourselves a little group together. How do you feel about that?

Ines said...

Hey, I'm a HUGE Edward fan myself. Can't wait for the fall. But in the meantime I'll have to see what "The Host" is all about. I'm planning on going to on of Meyer's book signings while she's here.