April 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday on a Friday

I would have posted this yesterday, but I was too busy watching TV. Thursday night TV is the best thing ever, right after the invention of Tivo. It has to be real Tivo, not direcTV imitation DVR crapola.

I am so thankful for TV, I love it. Lately I have been thinking we should get a smaller satellite package, maybe save a few bucks, be able to spend more family time together. Heck with that all the good shows are coming back on, can't miss 'em. Which brings me to the greatest thing about Tivo, I watch TV on my time. That is so cheesy, but so true. I love to get a season pass and then organize it in the season pass manager. Moving it up the list if it is a super important show (Hello Grey's Anatomy was back on last night, LOVED IT!!!) and back down if it will record anytime (yes I tivo Jon & Kate plus 8, all those kids, it's such craziness). And no commercials, how great is that. When we first got our Tivo hooked up I was a little intimidated by it, not now, I am queen Tivo. I get pissed when Josh has the remote and he does not utilize it by fast forwarding at the first sign of a commercial and if he goes to far into the show he might not hear the end of it. We used to have "the perfect Tivo" competitions, we are passed that now, but whoever could skip all the commercials and stop it right before the show started was the winner. I still pride myself on a "perfect tivo", it's a great feeling. And if the show we are watching is "live tv", we both push the buttons on the remote still trying to get past the commercials BUT THEY WON'T GO ANY FASTER!! Another fun thing about real Tivo is the sounds it makes, they are kind of like the sounds Pam makes when she clears all the phone lines for Michael Scott. Be boo beep boo be boo. You know what I'm talking about, don't cha. Well if you don't watch The Office, you might not. And that would make you a la-hoo-ser. Our Tivo was so busy on Thursday night, it forgot to record Lost, I was bitter about that, but realized poor little guy had lots to do. There was:

My Name is Earl. Earl finally woke up from his coma for those of you who were wondering, Oh Snap!

30 Rock. Josh loves Tina Fey, so let it be written. I love Kenneth, so let it be done.

The Office. I love Jim and Pam and Oscar Meyer wiener lover. Wish I could, but I can't. Well, can, but won't. Should, maybe, but... 'shorn't. What part of "'shorn't'" don't you understand?

Grey's Anatomy. McDreamy was on the cover of one of Josh's bike magazines, ahhhhhhhh. Hate Rose, so sad for the newlywed girl.

LOST. Josh (and my mother) complains about how he hates this show, it's so dumb, they never do anything, or get anywhere. Yet he still watches it with me every week, I think it's because Jack is so nice to look at. Could just be me.

So there is my Thursday night in a nutshell. Seems like a lot now that it's all in a nice list like that. One day I will have to list all the other shows I am hooked on. That's the first step to recovery right, admitting you have a problem?


Kenzie said...

Is it ok if I copy and do thankful Thursday? I think it is a swell idea.
Wow you have a booked schedule on Thursday nights! I am going to do a post on a show I am currently obsessed with. Stay tuned.

Anna D. said...

I love it!! And I have a DVR thank you very much...not crapola! I love it X 1000. And I love lost and grey's too. And I am not a looser for not watching the Office! Why get addicted to one more thing right? Don't really know what I'm missing. I should keep it that way. I watch way too much tv as it is. I think maybe we should start a support group!

Engars said...

Keep your opinions about DVR to yourself young lady. I am highly offended. Not all of us can be so blessed as to have the wonderful Tivo. You are now forgiven. We are TV addicts too. Me more than Ty and you will not catch us doing anything other than sitting on our aces every Thursday night right in front of the TV. We make the kids go upstairs so they will LEAVE US ALONE!!!