April 20, 2008

Love at Home

I don't have anything to say about Sping Break: Day Five. It was boring. Molly is either sick or getting teeth, so it was not a fun day. I did host "card party" at my house that night, and it is always fun to sit and chat with the girls, (and exchange cards) but that was the only highlight of the day.

Last night Josh put Molly in the tub, so I hung out downstairs making sure the boys got in the shower and piddling around on the internet. When I came upstairs I could hear him reading to her. I spyed around the corner and found him reading BIKE magazine to her. It was so cute, but I had left the camera sitting on the couch right by them. I tried my best to sneak over to get it, but Molly saw me. I went back in the kitchen and waited for the bedtime story to start again then peeked around to get some of it on video. Josh was not amused. Anytime I get the camera out he complains and asks me why I am taking a picture. For the blog, DUH! The best part of this video is when Owen emerges from the basement because someone bit him. Everyone was sent to bed shortly after this video was shot.

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C&HJacobson said...

What!!! No princess stories? There needs to be some cool princess, that does cool, normal things. Maybe I should give old Disney a call.