June 3, 2008

11 months

I know, and I'm not even going to say it. But I think it every day. This month I have seen glimpses of the little girl you will become. You are so busy! Since figuring out the crawling/scooting business, you know no bounds.

Scooting this way not only causes your bum to be constantly dirty, but also the left side of all your pants and shorts are getting worn out. You explore the entire house, leaving no magazine unthrown into the tub, and no videos left on the shelves.You have even made it up the stairs all by yourself, never mind that I was 2 centimeters behind you. Your favorite place to be is outside. You love it. If we walk past the back door you get mad and scream to go out. The other night at dinner, your brothers finished eating and out the door they went. You dissolved into tears since you were still trapped at the table. You love to see the dog and can tell us what the doggie says. It is too cute. He licks your hands and feet and face and you don't care. I care, I hate the smell of stinky dog. Your father totally appreciates that you like Cockleburr (yes this is our dogs name, but he deserves his own post so I won't get into that here), since your brothers are still semi-deathly afraid of him. All this playing wears you out. Your naps are longer and earlier than they used to be. You don't make it much past 9:30 before your ready for your morning nap, and in the afternoon you usually go down at 3:30. This is because we watch the first of Ellen together, then I like to watch Oprah by myself. You are so happy when you wake up from your naps, you are always talking to yourself or peeking out of the bars like your in jail. Don't ever go to jail. You finally stood up in your crib and we moved your mattress down to the lowest spot. I don't think you will be one to try and climb out of your crib. You don't seem to enjoy that kind of adventure. You hate to be thrown into the air, you don't like going down slides, and you just barely started to walk when we hold your hands. You used to just try and sit back down. You still love to eat and now we know when you are done. You spit it out of your mouth and swat your hand across the table so the rest of the food flies to the floor. You could just learn to say all done. You still let me snuggle you while you drink your bottle (which is now half milk, half formula), you jabber non-stop, you point with your finger, and you will even watch TV for a few minutes. You love to read books and I try to read them to you everyday. Grandpa Harris took video of you reading and we put it on You Tube so the whole wide world could watch it. You make us laugh and smile everyday. I love watching you learn to do new things and I am so grateful I have been able to stay home since you were born. Being a "full-time mom" is not an easy job, but I am trying everyday to be a better one. Part of my job is to give you advice, which is this: Any day is better with a Pepsi.



C&HJacobson said...

She is a QT. You like that. I was reverting back to Valentines hearts.

Reed and Nat's Family said...

She is a cutie. I also hope that she never goes to jail.

Raquel said...

Wow she really looks like a big girl in that first picture! So cute. I love the scooting!

Kenzie said...

I fully agree that this is some of the best advice you can give her. Even breakfast is better with Pepsi!

Engars said...

SOOO cute. I hate posts about babies getting older because for some reason I get all emotional. I am such a baby.

Anyway I still love that your dog is named Cockleburr. Awesome.