June 27, 2008

I married a Prince!

The year was 1983. The competition was fierce. Yet one young man triumphed, to become Lehi Round Up Days MINIATURE PRINCE!I would attribute his win to his stunning good looks and his definitions to these Round Up words:
It probably didn't hurt that he also was able to spell everything correctly. Some of the contestants (Bobby Bahr) had a rough time with that part of the competition.

Here he is: The Greatest Miniature Prince ever!

Way to go Babe, your reign was truly unforgettable, just like you!

*Just a note to let six year old, blue-eyed and blond-haired Natilie Kay Evans know, YOU WERE ROBBED!! If my scanner was cooperating with me I would have put your cute picture and bio up here too!!!


Reed and Nat's Family said...

That is great. I was just happy to be the first attendant to that stunning couple. Thanks for the reminder, I may post the same thing on my blog!

Ines said...

Interesting information... Next time I'll see Josh, I'll bow down to His Royal Highness.

C&HJacobson said...

Wow Josh. I wished I would have known this information last night. What a cute kid you were.

C&HJacobson said...

I didn't mean "kid you were," I ment, "Kid you ARE!"

Jeanne said...

Oh MY Gosh Kellie!!! I was googling the parade route and up pops your blog. I was at work the other night thinking about you becasue I saw your picture back by Dr Corry's office. It is great to have blogs to see how people are doing. My blog is footlooseinlehi.blogspot.com. Hope to talk to you again soon. Jeanne Garner

Kristie Taylor said...

That is hillarious kelly. I always knew that the McCarrel blood had somthing special flowing through it.