June 29, 2008

All good things must come to an end

Another Round Up here and gone, I'm exhausted. It was so fun, as always, but it wears me out! Here's the low down on all the activities.
The Stock Parade was a stinker (probably all that horse poop), Molly loved watching all the horses. She sat on Josh's lap the entire time.
The boys were so happy to have their cousins there to hang out with. Even Heather & Torie (plus their families) joined us, we were so honored they came and sat with us, considering all the other friends they have with houses along the parade route! Ha!

Friday's children's parade was so fun. It is my favorite because we eat a huge dinner afterwards at my grandma's. There is good food and so much of it that we eat it again for lunch after the parade on Saturday! We had a special guest with us, my cousins little girl Belle came to the parade with her grandma & grandpa. She sat up on the curb with me and Molly. She was so into the parade and so excited. She asked me what every sign said, what the float was, who they were, the questions went on and on. Good practice for when Molly gets bigger and can talk! We hope she comes again, and maybe even brings the rest of her family along!

On Saturday I took the kids to the Chuckwagon breakfast while Josh went on a bike ride. I paid $4.00 for Owen to eat only eggs. Oh well! My one suggestion would be that they give you real orange juice instead of Sunny-D.

The parade was great, the bands, the floats, the candy, the bands. Did I mention the bands, they are my favorite. Molly took a nap during the first hour, she even slept through all the police and fire engine sirens. Let me list for you all the awesome things we got thrown to us during the parade. Candy (so much that I am considering saving it for Halloween time), a frisbee, a t-shirt, two pens, a water bottle, a reese's big cup, and numerous money saving flyers! SCORE!!

After the parade we headed to the park for some family fun. Owen had been talking about dunking someone, when we got there he decided to be dunked!
He was pretty shocked when he hit the water, but he liked it enough to pay another dollar and do it again. The kids climbed the inflatable rock wall, went down the huge shark slide and we were done and went home. There was not nearly enough carny folk at this party, we will have to wait until Steele Days for that. After taking a few days to re cooperate, we will be totally ready for next year!!
Here are a few more pics for those who care. Little baby cousins, Elle, Molly & Ava. This is the best pic I got, I hope Annie and Raquel got something a bit better! Chase & Owen with their candy bags.

Gavin & Makae sitting in the shade of a small bush, sharing a big pink cookie!
Molly and her look of concern/worry, all while never looking at the camera.


Annie said...

It was a blast!! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that loves Round Up week!! Oh, and props to you for getting married to a Round Up days prince...the pictures are PRICELESS!! Well, until next year... (or you can see me anytime before then!)

Reed and Nat's Family said...

What a great time. Who do you have to bribe to get an invite to those fantastic seats?

Jeanne said...

Kellie- Idont know if you saw the message i left on your last entry but, before the friday parade I found your blog googling lehi roundup parade route. my blog is footlooseinlehi.blogspot.com. HOpe to hear from you.
Jeanne Garner
I love the parades also.

Kenzie said...

My mom told me that you got an earful at the parade. Thanks for giving me ears the day off! Reeve's new favorite word is , why? I wonder where he got that? Belle is going to love seing a picture of herself on here.
We are headed to stadium of fire, we have to head back on Saturday. If we end up doing anything then we will be giving you a ring.