June 5, 2008

Mess Maker, Mess Maker, Make me a MESS!

Here is a sampling of messes I have found Molly in since last night.
She pulled out every single nicely folded blanket from her dresser cupboard. You might say " If only that cupboard had a door on it, you might have avoid this mess."To that I would say to you, "I painted that dresser while quite pregnant and hurt so much the next day I couldn't have cared if it ever had it's door back on it. I have started to care if it has a door, but since then I have been too busy, tired, exhausted, lazy, and/or tired to do it." Pick your excuse. She had so much fun with those blankets, she'd pile them all up and lay on them, then rearrange them and lay on them again. What fun! I have changed my mind about the possibility of her climbing out of her crib. She climbed right up into the dresser once the blankets were all out and she has made a bee line for the stairs all day.

The next mess occurred this morning. She was following me around in the bathroom while I dried my hair. I left for a little while and came back to this:
I recalled a time when she was a cranky baby and I told her that there were fun things to do like unroll the toilet paper. I am eating my words. So when you come over and use the bathroom and the toilet paper is rolled a little crooked, this is why.

This last mess is what happened as a result of being left in the basement with the boys while they were busy playing video games and left the TV cupboard open.

Those Sega Genesis controllers are so much fun to play with, even when their not plugged in. These are such minor messes it makes me a bit nervous about what is to come!


C&HJacobson said...

I love it, Hadlee was the same way. I can't even count how many toilet paper rolls she went through. It has only just begun. Good Luck. She should know better than to mess with the video game stuff. She will tick her brothers off.

Ines said...

How fun :) Just think, in a few years (and believe me, it comes way too fast) she'll be a teenager...

KC & Nik said...

...and come, it will!!! believe me, i used to think that when my kids got older, there would be less mess!! boy, was i wrong!! the messes just get bigger, come more frequently and stay longer!!!!
good luck!

Engars said...

Good, I'm glad she is giving you a hard time. You deserve it. You obviously have a way easy life and too much time on your hands so it is good she is helping you find things to do. You are so ungrateful.

Anna D. said...

Cute Girl! I have one of those Mess Makers at my house too! Her latest and greatest trick is to ask for a drink of water and then after taking a little sip... dump it on the floor.

Ever heard of sippy cups you say?? For some unheard reason she really just doesn't know what to do with such a thing.

This too shall pass!!:)