November 7, 2008

Favorite Five: A few of my Favorite Things, right now

Watching Oprah's guest appearance on 30 Rock last night inspired my list of favorite things. Who doesn't love to watch Oprah's Favorite Things show and scream with delight along with the teary-eyed audience as they receive these great items. I won't be giving any of my things away, but you can still scream with delight at the computer screen since you're blessed enough to hear about them!

1. 3 Entertainment Weekly collector's covers of Twilight. This one is especially yummy!

you can see the other 2 covers and read more here!

2. Our new individual popcorn bowls. Got them at The Dollar Spot!

3. Making this cream cheese braid, and then eating all of it. I know, just call me Betty. I went to a bread making class and loved it! Easiest recipe, and if I can do it, anyone can.

4. Have I mentioned that I am loving the Twilight Soundtrack? Oh, I have? Well I am still loving it(listening as I type!). You should get it from iTunes because you get more tracks.

5. The fact that I am going scrapbooking tonight! A couple of hours spent with the girls, laughing, gossiping, and eating. Maybe a few pages done, but that's not the important stuff. My wonderful husband at home with my darling children and me out taking a break. Looking at pictures of my family when they are happy and not saying anything, remembering how much I love them and want to be a good wife and mom. This enough should cause peace to come to this country, no matter who our president may be. Hope your night is just as great!


cottle fam said...

awesome!!! that is all i have to say:)

Ines said...

That cream cheese braid looks so darn yummy!!! You're making me hungry!

Heather said...

Love your post. That braid looks fabulous...way to go. We should get together for a scrapbooking night husband is even a crafter ;) I am off to go check out that soundtrack now. Thanks for the tip.

Kenzie said...

Can you please put that recipe on the recipe blog. That looks really yummy. I just checked there and it looks like I need to check it more often, you went to town. Way to go.

Adrienne Engar said...

So I just went on the recipe blog to get the recipe for the cream cheese thingy and guess what? IT WASN"T THERE!!! If you are going to post pictures of delicious food on your blog at least be considerate enough to tell me how to make it or make it for me and Fed Ex it to me, you choose.