November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from all us TURKEYS!!!!

We hope you enjoy a day of good food, family and fun!


Ines said...

And to you!!! (Cute picture - made me smile)

Kenzie said...

Happy T day to you too! Did you miss me?
Cute hair cut. It was cute long too.

Annie said...

There I did it!! I posted it's a BOY! Are you happy now? Haha! Can I really give you my password so you can post all of the important (and the meaningless) things that go on in my life?

Can we also get together soon? I bought the stuff to make magnets. Have you done it before? It looks super cute! Anywho, this comment is ridiculously long so just call me if you want in on the magnets...capish?

Christian and Michelle Smith said...

You're a turkey. Now stop posting crude comments on my blog or else I'll have to block you. This is the police. And we will find you!