November 25, 2008

The Long Haired Hippie's Last Ride

For the past two weeks Owen has been asking for a haircut. The reason, when he walks home from school he sweats and his hair gets all puffy and crazy. I managed to put it off for a while, but then on Saturday he was complaining again (he was sweating because we raked leaves) so while Molly was taking a nap, I quickly gathered all the supplies and off to haircut city we went. Haircut city is currently located out our backdoor. You might think this is all about Owen, but it's not (sorry Owen). It's all about my long haired hippie, Gavin.
There he is, isn't he cute? I know. And his hair was even longer since this picture was taken in the middle of October. His long hair didn't bother me. His father has gone through long haired phases and that didn't bother me either. He decided to have long hair and he said he didn't want to cut it until it went to the ground. However, something happened when his brother requested a trip to haircut city. The long haired hippie also wanted his haircut. And when his mother thought he was kidding, tears in sued. Poor long haired hippie. His once long haired hippie father had to be sent down to talk to him and the conversation resulted in his own trip to haircut city. Here's the before. Please note the hippie was quite upset and did not want to be photographed.

And here is the after shot, when the tears had been dried and a game of battleship made all the sadness go away. Except for that his mom was trying to do the dishes so the hippie was left alone with his game and built the longest "miss" in A1 ever.

I think it makes him look younger. Why doesn't a trip to haircut city do that for me?

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Cheryl said...

That was a really great "miss" in A1!!! Congrats on your call to primary! It will be lots of fun!