November 3, 2008

Have Story, Will Tell.

As a scrapbooking professional (ha ha) the hardest part for me is telling the story. Trying not to miss any fun detail or favorite memory that goes along with my fabulous pictures and super cute embellishments. I have lots of pages that are completely done, if you don't count the story (journaling) that is missing. Maybe help is on the way. Thanks to my friend Amie, I have found this FREE online class to help capture all those stories that are worth telling. Check out to register for the class, it goes from November 9-23. I would love to hear if you do it, I am already signed up!


Anna D. said...

Hey Kellie!

Love the costumes and the Halloween pancakes. I just got a voice mail today from the 26th of Oct. Sorry. I don't ever check that voice mail. So I hope I didn't miss out on a fun outing.... Let me know what's up.

Mish and Crish said...

First of all I want you to know Dr. Corry checks my blogs and reads them every day (Yes even the comments) So basically i hope next time you come in to see him he doesn't do your pap smear and then hide all your clothes so that you have to run out of the office naked. Say hi to dan a bobby for me. Oh and when do I get my Molly shipment? I have prepared a nice bed for her on my floor right near the foot of our bed where titan sleeps. Can't wait!

Jeremy and Megan Hall said...

Hey Kellie! How are you? Thanks for letting me know about this class. I just signed up for it and I'm so excited!