November 4, 2008

Hot & Heavy

No, I am not talking about when The Ride Leader and I used to make out in high school, it's the election silly. Not only is the presidential race a doosie, but there's Prop 8 and a whole lot of other stuff that I'm sure is really important and has people riled up. I found this really helpful article in the sunday paper, it gives advice on what to do if you and your significant other are voting for different parties. Since that is not a problem in our household, I thought I would share it with the rest of you, the ones whose vote might differ from mine. So you will know what to do when your candidate loses.

Sorry kids, I am no good at this computer stuff. I thought you would be able to click on it and it would enlarge, I should know that never works for me. I just cropped the important stuff out, so here is it.

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Anna D. said...

I didn't know that Scrappy died.... Overdose?? I don't know your #... my cell is 885-3872. I lost my cell phone and had to get a new one. Lost all my #'s..

looks like your guy is going to pull it off.... (Barack)