November 21, 2008

Favorite Five: The Twilight Movie!

He, He, Hello? Is there anything else going on today? I didn't think so. I am super excited to see this movie (are you surprised I didn't go at midnight Jammie???). It's going to be a GNO (girl's night out!) with my motha, aunt, cousins, grandma, and sister-in-laws! Dinner first (this is always a requirement) then tickets to the 7:30 show. Can I just say God Bless Larry H. Miller and his reserved seat idea! Brilliant! I want to hear your favorite five things about the movie! No bummers please, I don't care if you hated it, I am completely planning on loving it so don't bring me down! You can bash it on your own blog, we will only have positive things to say here. Comment on my twilight friends!

My Favorite Five Things about Twilight (if I can limit it to just five!)

1. When they ("the Cullens") walked into the lunchroom and Alice looked for Bella, plus I agree with Natilie, that was the best entrance EVER!!!

2. First glimpse of Edward. Holy moly, he is HOT! I hope all you naysayers changed your minds about him. He was an excellent Edward. Loved his lips, loved the way he spoke, loved loved loved the way he looked in his suit for the prom. Oh my!

3. The first kiss! Bring it on.

4. When they went to school together for the first time and Bells says everyone is staring and Edward says not that kid, oh wait he just looked. Ha, there were a lot of funny lines.

5. When they are at the prom dancing alone, and he dips her back, goes for her neck and asks "is this what you want?" YES!!!, TAKE ME NOW EDWARD!!!!
I loved it! It was so great and I can't wait to see it again (we had a few who couldn't make it with us, so we WILL be going again for their sake!). Just for the fun of it, here are 5 things I needed more of.
1. Alice. I thought she was perfect, loved her in the baseball game, but she needed more screen time. She needed to be friends with Bella by the end of the movie and dress her up for prom. Can't wait to see more of her.
2. Bella screaming for Edward to suck the venom out. IT BURNS EDWARD!!! SAVE ME!!! Instead she just twitched.
3. Jacob. He is a cutie. I know he will dominate the next movie, but I could have standed a bit more of him and hello-where were his friends?
4. Emmett. He was hilarious and not so bad looking either.
5. The movie to be longer and just magically continue on into New Moon. I could have sat there for hours!


Reed and Nat's Family said...

Kellie -

Here are my five:

1. Loved when the Cullens first walked into the lunchroom. What an entrance.
2. Loved that they were cooking for Bella. Thought that was hilarious and should have been in the book.
3. Thought the baseball scene was good, though the confrontation was a bit hoakie.
4. The kids loved when Alice ripped James head off.
5. I thought that Charlie was great. He played his role perfectly.

Kenzie said...

1. I loved that my dear husband and my friends husbands waited in line for us while the girls went to Cafe Rio. (just had to give props where props are deserved)
2. We loved how the girl said "That's Jasper, he's the one that looks like he's in pain."
3. When Edward threw Belle down on the bed.....yes!
4. It was funny how she was staring at Edward outside, then all the sudden Mike Newton's head is all you see.
5. I loved all the sexual tension. Yes, that's right, I truly did. You know you did too.

Reed and Nat's Family said...

Kellie - I totally agree with you. My girls love Emmett and Alice and I would have liked to see a lot more of the vampires. I also thought she could of screamed a little bit more. And when she was in the hospital there wasn't near enough drama when he said he should go.

The Brooks Family said...

Okay, at the risk of sounding like a "Twilighter":

1. I loved the car scene, when Edward comes to her rescue - He was so Forceful. yowsa!
2. Loved the first classroom scene, when Edward "smelled" Bella. too funny.
3. The bedroom scene - Oh my.
4. Would have liked more of Alice's gift - especially at the end when Edward shows up to fight James. It never really showed that Alice helped.
5. I agree with Nat on the last scene. Could have used a little more emotion from Bella when Edward said he should go.