September 26, 2008

Top Five: Funniest Quotes from The Office

Loved it! Last night's episode was so funny. The proposal was THE BEST (!) and you can't compete with that so I decided to list my favorite quotes today because HELLO, where would we be without "That's what she said." I use that one all the time, just ask Josh, he loves it when I pull out a that's what she said.

1. Phyllis: I wonder what people like about me... [pause] Probably my jugs.

2. Kevin: Pam you weigh 226 pounds?
Holly: Almost Kevin.
Pam: Not almost though, Holly, not close to 200.
Holly: Math is hard.

3. Angela: I have a nice comforter and several cozy pillows, I usually read a chapter of a book and it's lights out by 8:30, that's how I sleep at night.

4. Angela: [yelling at Kevin] Listen, Dummy! It's not that hard! All you have to do is take the numbers from the sales report and type them into a master spreadsheet. A GD monkey could do it. I do not understand why you can't do it.
Holly: No! You DO NOT talk to him like that.
Angela: But he's an idiot.
Kevin: Hey.
Holly: He is not an idiot--
Kevin: Thank you, Holly.
Holly: --he is mentally challenged. But he's doing a super job here.
Kevin: Wait back up. Do you think that I'm retarded?

5. Dwight Schrute: [to Pam] Fax this for me.
Jim Halpert: Come on, man, she goes to New York in like ten minutes.
Dwight Schrute: It's not going to take her ten minutes to fax it, Jim. If I don't see you again, good-bye. Well, actually I'll see you when you give me the fax confirmation so, never mind.

Don't worry I didn't type these all from memory, I found this great site The Office Quotes. Quotes from every episode. Yessssssssssss! (that's from Napoleon Dynamite quotes.)

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