September 11, 2008

That's Mr. Ride Leader to you.

I am amazingly proud to announce the progress Josh has made in this little hobby he calls mountain biking. He is currently serving as the Ride Leader for the Bike Peddler's weekly mountain bike rides. Not sure if he needs to be set apart to fulfill this calling to his greatest ability, but I do know how much happier he is when he comes home from a great ride. So, if your husband needs to spend more time away from his family, while riding around the mountains and trails in the dirt and mud, send him here (yes, thank you, I was serving as blog consultant and it felt real good to have him asking me for help for a change) for the schedule.

Don't worry, you won't really have to call him Ride Leader, he only makes me do that while were in the thralls of passion. I know, I can't hardly believe I wrote that either, what's gotten in to me today. It must have been the mint brownie I ate from Flour Girls & Dough Boys, boy was it GOOD!


Reed and Nat's Family said...

Oh Ride Leader! You look so hot! There is just something about a man with a title I am telling you what!

I also love Flour Girls and Dough Boys.

Annie said...

I may need to send my husband there. Will it give us another excuse to hang out?

Well, I am a little concerned about the mint brownie... were they "special" brownies? Was the person who baked them wearing a tie dye shirt? I'm on my way to Flour girls and Dough boys to find out. If I call you and I am slurring my speech, you will know why!


Note to self, watch out for Kellie's brownies at all ward functions :)

Anna D. said...

Your Awesome! All men love to be one with nature in some form or another don't they?

Kenzie said...

Is the Ride Leader kinda like being head cheerleader?